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Avitex (Mario)

Avitex is a well-known interior paint brand operated under PT Avia Avian. It continually strikes to keep on innovating, providing the best care to serve their customers as well as distributing evenly throughout the entirety of Indonesia.

Our Challenge

At the time, Avitex was considered a low-class and cheap brand and was struggling to increase their brand image into a middle-class type of paint to capture a new set of market. With this in mind, we decided to go forward with a storytelling advertisement, which they had never done before. To further uplift the entire advert, we decided to use foreigners as the main characters (with the name “Mario” hence, the title) and set the scene at an Italian neighbourhood. 


This advertisement was well-liked and garnered a considerably positive response by the public. From then on, the brand Avitex has started being known as a middle-class paint as the advertisement managed to gradually increase the brand image in public’s view and becomes the foundation for the following advertisements to come in following years. It actually managed to gather so much positive feedback from the public that we also decided to produce another version of “Mario” advertisement in the following year titled “Mario Return”.

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