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Avian Versi Tukang Cat (2013)

Avian is a well-known wood and metal paint brand operated under PT Avia Avian. It currently holds the market leader position in the wood and metal paint industry. It prides itself in being one of the biggest locally owned paint brands in Indonesia.

Our Challenge

At the time, Avian was already considered a well-known brand as a good quality paint with a wide colour option. However, this time they wanted to expose a different advantage to their paint which was their quickness to dry. With this in mind, we created an advertisement that focuses more on exposing the 1 advantage while merely strengthening the brand image as awareness was already sufficiently high. Additionally, we also took their target market (which was mainly male) into serious consideration as to making the advertisement as appealing as possible to them.


As the commercial was a little controversial due to the scene where the girl swings her dress to check if there’s any paint on her back (hence, her dress got lifted a little), the dress on that particular scene had to be censored by the LSF (Lembaga Sensor Film). However, despite of that initial setback, the advertisement quickly gained massive attention from the general viewing public. The comedic overtone and funny expressions from both the painter and the girl were considered rather entertaining and therefore, managed to grab audiences’ attention. Ironically, people were even more intrigued of the ad due to the censored scene and it gained even bigger audience beyond our expected target market.
This advertisement is still considered to this day as one of the most memorable Avian paint television commercials of all times.

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