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CLEO (Gallon with Handle)

CLEO is a mineral water brand operating under the Tanobel Food Group. It prides itself as a truly pure water brand with strict quality control to ensure the quality for each product. It also strives to constantly improving innovation (mostly in terms of the bottle and gallons size, shape, and designs) and providing the best service to their customers.

Our Challenge


At the time, CLEO was considered a newcomer in the mineral water industry and has a low awareness in the public. Therefore, when they wanted to put forward an innovation in the form of a gallon handle, we knew it was a brilliant opportunity to increase their awareness along with creating a strong association of the brand CLEO and innovation. This innovation, though seemed small, was significant as it changed the culture of gallons which used to be a lot harder to carry and handle. We decided to fully expose all these new advantages with the new gallon and raise awareness of the brand that way.




This advertisement successfully communicated the new feature of CLEO gallon handle to the public, and subsequently boosted the brand awareness by being the first ever to create such design. As public was responding positively to the innovation, sales started going up and CLEO began to make a mark as one of the greatest innovative players in their industry. Up until now, CLEO is still the only mineral water gallon that has a handle and one of the biggest mineral water brands in Indonesia.

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